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Search Engine Optimisation:

Search engine optimisation is essential if you want to bring traffic and more sales to your website.
There is no point in having a great website with a fantastic design if nobody can find it!

search engine optimisation

What is search engine optimisation?
'SEO' is a technique used by website designers to increase a websites keyword rankings within the search results of the top search engines and directories such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Yahoo!

Basically it's all about helping customers find your website and business. Period.

What does it involve?
Search engine optimisation consists of a three step process:

website design Determining the most profitable keywords to use on your website
website design Modifying the website to be more inviting to search engines
website design Cross linking with other relevant websites

What does it cost?
We offer the following Search Enginer Optimisation Packages:

Bronze: 10 hours per month = $250.00
Silver: 20 Hours per Month = $480.00
Gold: 40 hours per month = $900.00
Diamond: 80 hours per month = $1,600.00
Platinum: 160 hours per month = $2,600.00

Good rankings in the search engines do not happen overnight. SEO is a process that can take anywhere between 1 - 3 months to start seeing the results. However, we guarantee that the end result will

Whilst we cannot guarantee to make you #1 for your chosen keywords we will do our best to help achieve the best position we can for you.

Contact us today, to find out what we can do for your business.

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